About Us

Promoting quality of life and independence

Responsive Care was the brainchild of two social care professionals wanting to make a significant difference to assisted care.

With over 50 years combined experience in social care, we have an excellent team comprising nurses, paramedics, experienced carers, response officers and healthcare professionals to support our mission in changing the way care is delivered. By doing this we hope to achieve positive person-centered outcomes.

Responsive Care operates all over the UK. We are able to mobilise teams quickly and efficiently to accommodate a variety of personal or commercial needs.

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Our Mission

The Responsive Care Group has its roots fixed securely in the foundations of positive change!

Person-centred care is at the heart of everything we do and to do that we have to be flexible, care has to be flexible and our ability to respond to people’s changing needs is evident in the care that we provide.

That’s why we offer a range of services which can be tailored to suit individual needs. We make sure that the care delivered is ‘outstanding’ in every way.

From ‘Home from Hospital’ services to ‘Responsive Care’ we are able to work with agencies, families and professionals to ensure all care needs are supported in every way.

Our Values

The philosophy of The Responsive Care Group is to reflect and promote values that focus upon the individual Service User as being at the center of Care and Response Service planning and Service delivery. To help achieve this, the Company has drawn upon the fundamental Core Values of Care to develop the following
Service Values which will form the basis for considering the provision of an individual Care Service:

  • Autonomy and independence of personal decision-making, including the assumption of risks as well as responsibilities associated with citizenship.
  • Knowledge about conditions and prospects, options and opportunities, and ways of improving the individual’s life.
  • Choice of occupational activities, lifestyle, and the best way to maintain independence, including the opportunity to select independently from a range of options.
  • Equality of opportunity and access to services irrespective of age, race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, disability or impairments, marital status, parenthood, sexual gender or sexual orientation.
  • Respect for the intrinsic worth, dignity and individuality of the person and his / her racial and ethnic identity and cultural heritage.
  • Fulfillment of personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life, including the chance to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Participation and integration in society, and in the development of plans, policies and decisions affecting the individual’s life.
  • Privacy from unnecessary intrusion, and the preservation and safeguarding of confidentiality.

Our Carers

We have one of the toughest recruitment processes across Europe, matching you with highly trained, trusted professionals who have extensive experience and exceptional references.

All of our carers are recruited and trained by us. As part of our stringent recruitment process, we also ensure full DBS checks are carried out. They also receive ongoing training, support and supervision to ensure their skills are up-to-date and that high professional standards of care are maintained.

In addition to this, we conduct regular appraisals based on our carers’ performance and achievements. We continually seek feedback from those being cared for as well as their families.

“Our carers are kind, caring, compassionate and respectful.
The care my husband receives in outstanding.”


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