24/7 Rapid Response

Help at the push of a button!

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Ready to respond to calls around the clock, we have the most comprehensive response teams in the UK with the facility
to manage any situation from falls to personal care and welfare calls.

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What is a 24 Hour Response?

With our Rapid Response Service you have access to care and support for a variety of tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a touch of a button!

With an innovative approach care is provided via our award winning assistive technology through to our friendly local call monitoring centre or through your current telecare providers equipment. We can then arrange the help you require and get one of our experienced and qualified Community Care Responders to visit you within the hour!*

Why choose 24 Hour
Response with us?

Our specialized response team are fully trained in all areas enabling them to provide the necessary services when responding to emergency calls.

We assist with:
  • Uninjured falls
  • Personal care
  • Medication administration support
  • Welfare checks and re assurance visits
  • Support whilst waiting for emergency services
  • Liaising with family or friends

Falls and Lifting

We are serious about falls prevention and hold the latest portable lifting equipment to ensure a safe return.

Trained by the product manufacturers and the ambulance service to safely use the equipment we also have nurses and paramedics working within the teams ensuring staff are suitably trained to triage any situation.

Unlike other providers across the UK we are CQC registered and trained in falls recovery. This means we can answer all lifeline emergency calls confidently, whilst completely ensuring that the individual is supported with dignity, respect and has the right support when required.

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loved ones with outstanding care and support

“Compared to other care agencies we have had, Mi Casa Care are by far the best! All staff are experienced
to provide stroke care to my husband and they encourage independence.”